Ellen Jaffe Jones

At 61, Ellen Jaffe Jones is “THE VEG COACH.” AKA “The Broccoli Rep.” Because as she says, “Who else IS the broccoli rep?” She is an inspiring motivational speaker, personal trainer, running coach, author, vegan lifestyle coach and teaches healthy cooking classes.  Ellen is a rare accomplished endurance and sprint runner. She is currently 7th in the US in the 1500 meters, 10th in the 400 meters, 16th in the 200 meters, and 19th in the 100 meters in the W60-64 age group. As of this moment, she has placed in 67 5K races or longer for her age group since 2006, including 4 Senior Grand Masters awards. To qualify for Nationals, at the state level, she had to finish in the top 4 in each event. She is 3rd in State (FL) in her age group for the 200, 400 & 1500 meters, 4th in the 100 meters. Her 100 meters time was :06 slower than NCAA girls’ personal records listed in the University of Southern California 2012 Track and Field Media Guide. To qualify for State, she had to finish in the top 3 at the county level receving 1st Place Golds in 3 events. Fox News featured her running story here, "Vegan and Still Running." As if you couldn't? wink

At Nationals, placing in the top 20 in 4 different back-to-back events was challenging. Many competitors “scratched” as the games went on for 3 days. Ellen credits a plant-based diet for keeping her recovery quick and injury free. Having trained for both a marathon and everything in-between down to the 100 meters, Ellen found that sprint training was much riskier for injury than training for a marathon. The publisher of “Running Journal” says it is rare for anyone with Ellen’s sprint times to have ever completed a marathon. She has been featured on the cover the Tampa Bay Times Magazine and the Bradenton Herald Health Magazine.

Ellen’s best-selling book, “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day” rapidly became her publisher’s #1 seller. Ellen’s publisher credits part of the success with Ellen’s dedication to and use of social media saying, “Her success with social media has been amazing!” Ellen coaches other authors on how to build their social media “presence.” The “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day” Facebook page has more than 35,000 fans. "Paleo Vegan" was chosen by VegNews Magazine as one of the "Most Anticipated Vegan Cookbooks of 2014." Amazon chose it was one of the top "Hot New Releases" in cookbooks...ALL cookbooks, not just vegan or vegetarian. In fact, "Paleo Vegan" has been showing an Amazon ranking of 1000 or lower in all the millions of books sold on the online behemeth. The book has been ranking in the top 3 of vegan books, top 4 vegetarian, and top 5 of books categorized as "paleo." One can only imagine what the up until now, primarily meat-focused paleo readers must be thinking. 

Kitchen Divided—Vegan Recipes for the Semi-Vegan Household” was Ellen's second book and appeals to those who live in "mixed marriages" where not everyone eats vegan. The goal was to try to reduce the short-order cook symdrome, friction and building feelings of resentment by organizing the kitchen. Ellen wanted to provide recipes that were easy for a vegan to prepare but flexible enough for a non-vegan to add whatever to the basic recipe.  Her third cookbook, "Paleo Vegan" was “fast-tracked” with a fourth on her vegan fitness records in percolation. Ellen has also been asked to donate a chapter to a book that will be written exclusively by vegan athlete/authors. Proceeds will be donated to a TBA charity. She is also donating a chapter to a FARM Sanctuary book. She is also one of a few athlete success stories featured in "Rethink Food-100 Doctors Can't Be Wrong." Ellen also donates a portion of her income to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She writes as the “Veg Koach” for the social media health site, Kurriosity.com. She has her own live streaming radio show, “The Veg Vixen” on 1700 AM in Bradenton Beach, FL, and writes a monthly column for a  for “The Running Journal.” 

Ellen is nationally certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and a nationally certified running coach with The Road Runners Club of America. RRCA certifies most road races in the US, and is the premier national organization dedicated to promoting the development and growth of running and walking throughout the country. Ellen was also the volunteer assistant coach for the Manatee High School Girls’ Cross Country & Track Team before her books and book tour. As a vegan for most of the past 34 years, Ellen is adept at vegan lifestyle coaching too. A New York Times blogger sought Ellen’s running coaching advice, improved her marathon time and wrote about it here.

She is featured as an athlete of the year in the January 2014 issue of Vegan Health and FitnessShe is "Miss December" in "Bad Ass Vegan." She was one of several female runners honored by Great Vegan Athletes in 2012 here.

Ellen is incredibly healthy, with the heart of a 21 year-old, according to one of her doctors. He proclaimed, “Maybe that diet and exercise is paying off.” She runs 8 minute miles (same as when she was 28), often places in her age group at local 5K races, and has held a 6 minute plank position often while training for fun with the high school cross-country team. After that feat, she was asked to help coach the Manatee High School Girls’ Cross Country & Track Team in Bradenton, FL. She ran her first marathon in 2010 (The Palm Beaches Marathon) and was the 5th oldest female to finish. She has completed 2 marathons and 6 half marathons, placing in her age group in one of them.

Ellen was a popular TV investigative reporter and anchor for 18 years in Miami and St. Louis winning 2 Emmys and The National Press Club Award for Consumer Reporting. While taking six years off to be a stay-at-home-mom, she became an accredited leader and trainer with the breastfeeding information and support group, La Leche League International. Respected doctors told her in order to suppress estrogen (linked to breast cancer growth), she needed to “Stay pregnant and breastfeed as long as you can to protect yourself.” She was told she needed to do things very differently to dodge her genes and end up becoming like everyone else in her family. Research shows that breastfeeding can also be protective against breast cancer in female offspring. 

Many have sought Ellen's expertise in modeling a healthy lifestyle. She became known as the “Earth Mother in a Suit” when she left TV and became a successful financial consultant at Smith Barney for 5 years. Ellen specialized in socially responsible investing and keeping clients' portfolios free of companies that tested on animals. Combining both backgrounds, she wrote “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day” after seeing too many news stories saying eating healthfully was impossible on a budget or food stamps. She wrote “Kitchen Divided” after hearing from many newer vegans who were looking for ways to appeal to their family and friends. 

Her gifted public speaking ability, humor, easy tips, motivational ideas, and stark reality, make her an inspirational keynote. She gets consistent, rave reviews. One to “save the proof,” complete with fast-paced slides, she becomes an open book as she reveals her own 25 years of personal medical records and history. In black and white test results, she documents a lifestyle that clearly shows when she was being “naughty” or “good.” Years of medical records show when the high protein diets didn’t work, and when the plant-based diets sent cholesterol levels way below the national average. Her stories about almost dying of a colon blockage and saving herself from an emergency room-ordered hysterectomy give audiences serious food for thought.

Dozens of articles have been written about Ellen over the years. Most mention her passion and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, her unusual ability to overcome obstacles and her fierce determination to beat the odds of a horrific family history. Her mother, aunt and BOTH sisters had breast cancer. For starters. Multiple diseases including diabetes, major heart disease, osteoporosis, crippling arthritis and 4 cases of Alzheimer’s, struck everyone but Ellen. One sister had breast cancer 3 times, the other got MRSA after “routine” herneated disc surgery after a lifetime of diabetes and heart disease. That sister, now paralyzed, is in a nursing home for the rest of her life.

Ellen has yet to find anyone with an identical history and is patiently waiting to be studied. She lost 25 pounds on a plant-based diet herself after almost dying of a colon blocckage and being told she needed a hysterectomy, which she never had. She improved fitness with simple, time-tested programs. She has been written about in the book, "Rethink Food: 100+ Doctors Can't Be Wrong."

Whether you are interested in weight loss, ramping up fitness, vegan lifestyle coaching or a combination, Ellen is full of positive energy and motivation to keep you on track. In addition to consulting, she does personal training, watching and demonstrating proper form via Skype. Her clients enjoy that this is much cheaper than joining a health club which will charge a fee above membership for any additional training. Please contact us for a program designed around your specific needs.

A decades-long vegan, Ellen is no flash in the pan. As one of her cooking class students said, "It would take me a lifetime to know what she knows." Her goal with clients is "Finish Without Injury" and enjoy safe, but effective fitness until 100. 

Ellen has spoken to thousands of people in diverse sectors on all of these topics.