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Welcome! It's great to have you here! My goal is to provide you with as much help and information about living a vegan lifestyle as possible. Have a look around and be sure to get in contact if you need help.


Want to completely change your health but don't know where to start? Join the countless others that Ellen has helped achieve a healthy, active lifestyle as a vegan.


Ellen is a highly sought after speaker. She speaks on a wide variety of topics from eating vegan on a budget to teaching your kids to cook healthy.


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FWT is developed so anyone - seniors, young people, people with old injuries, and on and on - can reach their fitness goals without pain, using motivation and science-back research to support clients, not quick (but futile) fixes or shaming. Best of all, it’s affordable and convenient, with new, incremental goals sent each day to keep you inspired and moving ahead.


"There's no money in broccoli"



Vegan sex cover 2

Vegan Sex: Vegans Do It Better

Steamy, salacious and chock full of facts, figures and fantasies come true. This tell-all can be your life! Combining aerobic activity in and out of bed along with a healthy vegan diet, well ... is magical! It's time to regain your sexual health, blowout erectile dysfunction, and boost your energy.

Vegan for One

Vegan for One: Hot Tips and Inspired Recipes for Cooking Solo

Discover essential strategies for the single vegan cook, including how to set up a kitchen for one, plan exciting meals and menus, shop for fresh produce, choose the right tools and equipment, trim prep time, and save money.

Eat Vegan on 4 per Day

Eat Vegan on $4 a Day

Learn how to forgo expensive processed foods and get the most flavor out of delicious, high-quality basic ingredients. Includes nearly 100 low cost recipes and a week’s worth of menu ideas.



Athlete, coach, and vegan advocate Ellen Jaffe Jones joins forces with chef extraordinaire and culinary genius Alan Roettinger to present a surprising yet delectable blend of plant-based vegan cuisine and popular paleo diets.

Vegan Fitness for Mortals1

Vegan Fitness for Mortals

Anyone who wants to be more active but doesn’t think they’re athletic enough to pull it off will rejoice. Packed with practical information and achievable programs for both aerobic and weight-bearing exercise, this book provides enough great tips to motivate even the most avowed couch potato.

kitchen divided cover

Kitchen Divided

Dining together is a great way to foster a relationship, but many vegans find themselves in conflict with partners, family members, or friends who don t share their dietary persuasion.


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