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Archive for March 2014

Born! Paleo Vegan is Burning it Up on Amazon!

Thanks to a huge, wonderful, maybe the nicest story ever done on my attempts to defy my genetic odds, my newest baby, Paleo Vegan came out this week with a bang! Snazzy sang his praises too! It soared to the top 2000 books on Amazon, #9 in vegetarian, #15 in all paleo books (a vegan…

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My Third Baby, Paleo Vegan, Is Almost Born

It’s been a crazy week. Just back from the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival where I spoke both days. I met SO many cool peeps. All the selfies and other pix are on my facebook pages. But here’s my fav: I’ll try and do a whole separate blog on the festival soon. Lotsa fun pix and so…

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