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Archive for July 2014

Running, Yoga and Cross-Training

At yoga on the beach this morning, a woman wearing a Bradenton Running Club shirt caught my attention, since I used to run with the club too, before my books. Afterwards, I asked if she still ran with the club. She said she stopped running years ago after several surgeries. She said the last surgery…

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Climate Change, Your Diet, and Not Being “On the Take”

It seems that some of us have been making the connection between global warming (yeah, I’m calling it that*) and our diet for decades longer than others. Many vegans I know say that 40 years ago, the environment was the main reason they went vegan. Websites like EarthSave have long been a rich resource for research…

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Vegan Paleo 5-Day Challenge Summary

When you have 60,000 followers or so…between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and some of those other “minor” social platforms, the idea of blogging is like comparing running to swimming. Most people can run faster than they can swim, perhaps 2 to 3 times faster. Social media is so instant. I can communicate with 30 people…

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Kayaking Journal: At the Corner of Peace and Quiet

I always say, if you are an environmentalist, you have to be out in it to appreciate it, know it, to connect with nature in a way that allows understanding on a level up close and personal. The connection between eating in a way that harms the environment least is a high priority with many. But…

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Take the Paleo Vegan Challenge!

Are you ready to cut the “junk foods” from your diet? The Paleo Vegan challenge begins July 9th! My partner in crime and co-author, Alan Roettinger and I will be doing a 5-Day Give Up The Junk Challenge. Each day you will receive an email with tips, videos and more. Facebook and Twitter via the hashtag #PaleoVegan. For 5 days, we…

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