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Archive for August 2014

Labor Day Vegan BBQ Ideas

Stressing over what to eat/make with all those meat-eaters around? Stress no more. If you have my book, “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day,” you’ll find 3 burger recipes. They’ll all do fine on the grill. Nothing wrong with putting lots of sweet, chunky veggies on a skewer. Use a stainless basket or veggie grill…

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President-Elect of the American College of Cardiology is Vegan!

How beyond cool is this?! The head of a mainstream medical organization is vegan and recommends his patients do the same! What is the world coming to? In my slide shows I do when I speak around the country, I show a slide of my lipid levels from the past 20 years. I kind of…

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Up With People Reunion Reflections

I have stayed away from high school and college reunions because of cost and mainly time. But there was one I always wanted to go to and finally had an incredible opportunity as a speaker. When I was 18, I spent two years traveling the world with the International Cast of Up With People. Up…

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