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Busting Vegan Myths Everywhere!

Ellen is a sought-after popular professional keynote speaker who runs a thriving business on the lecture circuit. As a former 2-time Emmy-winning TV investigative/consumer reporter turned media consultant and nationally ranked sprinter, she's placed in over 250 5K or longer races for her age group. She wows and engages audiences at foodfests, health fairs, book festivals and many other venues.

As an almost 70-year-old who often gets told she looks 50, her talks and 6 books, published with the oldest and largest vegan publisher in the US, repeatedly inspire the masses who want to model her healthy, fun and energetic lifestyle at any age. She is a certified running coach with Road Runners Club of America...the oldest and largest running organization in the US.

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She is legendary in engaging her audiences and conducting her Q and A while holding a plank contest. Her record was 10 minutes at the Tampa Vegfest. She has coached high school girls cross country and track.

Ellen was a 2-time Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter for 18 years, while she watched her mom, aunt and both sisters get breast cancer. Her family became part of the original BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer gene studies. Figuring out how to beat her genes and continue remaining the only adult female in her family without cancer became the investigative reporting job of her life. At the age of 28, she almost died of a colon blockage and saved herself from a hysterectomy by going on a vegan diet.

As someone who hated running in grade school and beyond, she started running in her twenties to try and keep a lifelong obesity problem under control. In her fifties, she found that at races, many meat-eaters were developing arthritis and women who used to beat her were no longer racing. She has competed and placed nationally in multiple events in the National Senior Games. She ranked 3rd in 2019 in the USW65-69 4x100 meters, 5th in the 800 meters and 7th in the 1500 and 400 meters. She's done 2 marathons and 12 half marathons since 2011, something most sprinters with her speed don't ever do.


Terrified of heights, 13th in all women over 65 who ran w/ 7500 others, Tampa's Skyway Bridge 10K, one of the highest/longest US bridges.

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Ellen was voted PETA's 2014 Sexiest Vegan Over 50 and was also included in a list of "Women Who Stand Up for Animals Daily."
She often gets pegged 20 years younger than she is with her audiences demanding to know her secrets. BadAss Vegan chose her as one of their first profiles. Born of 2 chain-smoking parents, she had a near death experience at birth weighing 3 pounds with heart and lung issues. Crossing a race finish line is truly a miracle.
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The popular blog, Vegan Street, recently chose her as their "Vegan Rock Star."

Ellen has been a "Star McDougaller" for years and was interviewed when she appeared as a guest chef at Dr. McDougall's Advanced Study Weekend.
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She lives with Rustie the Rescue who as found by the local Humane Society wandering the streets of Bradenton, Florida on New Year's Eve 2017.


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Vegan Sex: Vegans Do It Better

Steamy, salacious and chock full of facts, figures and fantasies come true. This tell-all can be your life! Combining aerobic activity in and out of bed along with a healthy vegan diet, well ... is magical! It's time to regain your sexual health, blowout erectile dysfunction, and boost your energy.

Vegan for One

Vegan for One: Hot Tips and Inspired Recipes for Cooking Solo

Discover essential strategies for the single vegan cook, including how to set up a kitchen for one, plan exciting meals and menus, shop for fresh produce, choose the right tools and equipment, trim prep time, and save money.

Eat Vegan on 4 per Day

Eat Vegan on $4 a Day

Learn how to forgo expensive processed foods and get the most flavor out of delicious, high-quality basic ingredients. Includes nearly 100 low cost recipes and a week’s worth of menu ideas.



Athlete, coach, and vegan advocate Ellen Jaffe Jones joins forces with chef extraordinaire and culinary genius Alan Roettinger to present a surprising yet delectable blend of plant-based vegan cuisine and popular paleo diets.

Vegan Fitness for Mortals1

Vegan Fitness for Mortals

Anyone who wants to be more active but doesn’t think they’re athletic enough to pull it off will rejoice. Packed with practical information and achievable programs for both aerobic and weight-bearing exercise, this book provides enough great tips to motivate even the most avowed couch potato.

kitchen divided cover

Kitchen Divided

Dining together is a great way to foster a relationship, but many vegans find themselves in conflict with partners, family members, or friends who don t share their dietary persuasion.


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