BOGO for Black Friday

I really don’t know any other way to express gratitude beyond seemingly inadequate words to my followers than to offer one of my books for free. So if you order from my website, let me know if you’d like me to send another book and which one you would like. Right now, I’m offering this only through Black Friday. The only thing I’d ask in return is that when the time is right, that you share with your friends and family about how easy it can be to be to eat and live vegan.

Most authors I hear on the road at events where I speak jokingly talk about how most authors, themselves included, don’t make money being an author. But most of us don’t do this to make money and understand that our hearts and minds are in animal and healthy-friendly places.
My publisher talks about using the book as a calling card. So what is my calling card? What is yours?

I’m a certified personal trainer and a certified running coach which I do mostly by Skype and Facetime. I haven’t quit that “day job” just yet, and probably never will. The dots are so connected. With my running record still holding current at 7th in the US in the 1500 meters for my age group, and placing in 58 5K races for my age group, I expect to continue to help others to achieve their personal records or just “finish without injury,” as my mantra goes, for the rest of my life. Good health willing. I do the whole racing thing not at all because I’m competitive.

Seriously! I do it just to show that you can “just” on plants. I love to blow up myths. I love to shatter the preconceived ideas that you don’t get enough protein, calcium or whatever. Or that vegans are weaklings. Far from it, right? wink I always think it’s important that a trainer have an established athletic record. It’s about putting your money where your mouth is. Not that all accidents are avoidable, but many are the result of overtraining or biting off more than can be chewed. If the goal is to run/walk/exercise until you’re 100, some tough and mature choices may need to be made about which races to do or not do. Passing fame and glory are so tempting. But I know plenty of runners who just enjoy the sport and never compete. I work with clients to help identify goals and priorities and design a plan.

Book #3 on current vegan fitness and non-vegan fitness trends is about to hatch with my same publisher, the long-established and legendary Book Publishing Company. And I currently have 2 offers on a fourth vegan fitness book which is the story of how I do what I do, and how you can do it too. I also love to write, and whatever opportunities present themselves to get the word out that eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive, challenging or complicated, I’m so there.

bogo bf2My gift to you is me. I don’t do this for money. I never have. I travel a lot speaking about all things vegan. Just back from Miami’s Book Fair where we sold tons of books at a completely non-vegan event. There’s so much interst in the topic now! I stay at events like this all day and my feet ache more than when I’m training for a marathon. But I wouldn’t do it any other way. I love the opportunity to engage with non-vegans and playing outside the box and comfort zone.

There’s no finer paycheck (figuratively speaking wink )than trying to make the world a better, healthier place for ourselves and our children. In the brief time we have on the planet, what better job is there? May you have a great Thanksgiving, however you celebrate. And thanks for being there for the animals and all of us. Together, we can make a difference.