Can you really eat vegan on $4 a day?

Q: C’mon, how do you really eat vegan on $4 a Day?

A: To save money, you do need to know how to prepare and cook some foods like beans, grains and greens. But even if you eat beans out of a can for convenience, canned beans cost only about twice as much as beans cooked from scratch. So they are still very cheap compared to meat. You do not need to have Oprah’s live-in chef. The foods in my book are the cheapest foods on the planet. I have great tips about how to prepare and cook them easily and quickly. The reviews of my book say you don’t need fancy equipment for food preparation. A simple knife and an optional cheap blender will work. If you’re not into preparing or cooking food, easy, inexpensive salads can be made for very low costs. I have an entire chapter on salads and another one on salad dressings. I believe it is important to find a dressing people really love so that they’ll eat more salads. Much money can be saved by making your own dressing. And the taste is usually so much better. I also can save you money by teaching you how to make some delicious desserts at home instead of paying 5-10 times as much if you eat the same dessert at a restaurant. Chocolate mousse and smoothies are my favorite restaurant replacement recipes.