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Ellen is a dynamic, motivational speaker.

In the short time since her first book has come out, she has been a headline speaker at most of the largest vegetarian festivals in the US and Canada getting rave reviews on social media and in the press. She is a frequent and popular radio show and television guest.  With 18 years in television and then as a media consultant for some of the leaders, professionals, authors and doctors who are now sought-after spokespeople about a plant-based diet, Ellen has come into her own with her death-defying and audience-riveting story. Either as a genetic freak or doing something right the past 30 years, Ellen’s audiences (as well as her doctors) want to know what she is “on” and how to get it.

Ellen’s message has been described as “Unique, powerful, high-energy and crucial to hear in a world growing farther apart by income disparities, massive health catastrophes ending in bankruptcies for many, the ravages of factory farming and well-documented animal abuses.”

Speaking topics include:

  • Finding Your Start Line: 5 Easy Peasies to Get off the Couch and Show Up Physically 70, Appearance 50, Nationally Ranked Sprinter with Fast-track Significant Easy Lifestyle Changes
  • Eat Vegan on $4 a Day
  • Eat Vegan, Stay Fit on $4 a Day
  • Eat Well, Stay Fit on a Food Stamp Budget
  • Beat and Defy Your Genes
  • From Couch Slug to National Athlete-You Can Do This Too!
  • Divided Kitchens: Coping with Those Who Don’t Eat The Way You Do
  • Connecting the Dots: How Eating Vegan Saves Lives, Animals and the Planet
  • Choose from a variety of Ellen’s Food Demos from the best of the national VegFests and fitness events
  • Exercise Demos to Prevent Injury and Enhance Athletic PerformanceMedia Consulting and On Camera Coaching—from a former Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter who has won the highest awards in broadcasting.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask Ellen. She’s probably has a slide show/demo for it!


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