The Wakers, in the News in Miami, & New Orleans

When someone sends me a book, I feel an obligation to say something nice. As an author, I know how vital that can be for the success of the book. Keep in mind, if I don’t have something nice to say, as mama always preached, I won’t say it. So here’s the thing…I’m getting ready to go give two talks at New Orleans Veggiefest next week, along with a couple of days advance events…a book signing at a new vegan restaurant, a talk at a vegan bakery. So excited about all that. And a cooking class I’m doing on Eat Vegan on $4 a Day at the popular St. Petersburg Rollin’ Oats. My second at the southwest Florida chain in recent weeks. Then my wonderful personal training clients who keep me traveling the Bradenton area, though many of my seasonal clients are leaving.

In addition, this morning, the ran a very cool story about my newest book, “Paleo Vegan.” They called me a “Meatless Renassance Woman.”

So I’m just going to shamelessly quote someone else’s review of the latest book that arrived on my desk, complete with a link to the reviewer’s website. I skimmed “The Wakers.” And from what I could tell, I would say the review is accurate. I think it is so important to create vegan books for kids and young adults. I wish I had time to read it, but so much is on my plate for the next few weeks/months, I don’t see it happening.


Many apologies, but I gotta run!

tumblr_n4q25p7vhc1r2p50go1_400Here’s the review from


I recently had the pleasure of checking out the first in a new series of young adult fantasy books by vegan author susan north, called “the wakers.” it’s not a very long book, but it’s compelling and it sticks with you long after you’ve read it. thank goodness there will be a sequel!

the wakers is the story of two opposing factions of “deor” – spirit creatures who take a living (aka “camaflur”) form as animals, most of whom are mistreated and killed over and over by ignorant and cruel humans. on one side are the resurrection deor, led by the goat-spirit deor kezi, who wants to go back to a time when humans worshipped animals. on the other side are the protector deor, led by meska the bear-spirit deor, who believes what the mother told them long ago – that someday, two human children – known as “wakers” – would be born, and they would forever change the relationship between people and animals.

the wakers switches between scenes of the deor as they try to get to the wakers before the others, and scenes following the waker children as they get older, and grow to learn the truth about themselves. part action story, part fantasy, the wakers is reminiscent in places of american indian animal myths and legends. if you’re looking for a new book to read, let me suggest the wakers. it’s a refreshing change from today’s cookie cutter young adult series, and it portrays an indelible vegan point of view.